Garden of the Gods

We drove around the island of Lanai. It is pronounced La-nigh-ee - like Hawaii. There is a central town, and then five roads lead down to the shore in five different directions. One road leads across the mountain ridge. We rented a 4x4, which is required for driving on this island, and drove down three of the roads to the shore. We were not allowed to go on one of the roads to the shore, or on the mountain ridge road with the rental jeep, because the roads were too bad. The other road we did not go on, went down past the airport to the delivery ferry from the Oahu.

The first direction we went was called the "Garden of the Gods". They said it was like Mars...

The earth here is very red, like Prince Edward Island.

The red dust from the road blew on the trees, giving them a very surreal look.

This photo is taken a few steps into the forest, where the red road dust has not blown on the trees. The trees were grey. It was quite a contrast - like being in the Wizard of Oz, where everything becomes coloured from black and white.

Quite literally, all the colours of the rainbow - red dirt road, orange hill, yellow valley, green grass, blue sky, violet islands in the mist.

Hundreds of small round rocks dotted the landscape.

Ridges like in Utah, but only about 6 feet tall:)

The ground was painted different shades from charcoal black sand, to white chalky patches, red, ochre, and even bright purple mineral shades.

The blue sky against the terra cotta landscape...