Honolulu & O'ahu

Ok, just want to state right off the bat, there is no way to take a bad photo in Hawaii, they are all fantastic, and there are so many to take:)

There were lots of coffee plantations - I definitely had to get a photo of one - I drink enough of the stuff:) We stopped at one and had some coffee and bought some chocolate and some lunch at a little outdoor stand.

We drove all around the island of O'ahu. The first part of the north shore is rocky. It didn't look so good for any kind of swimming or surfing.

We rented a convertible for this trip - loved it

The further we got around the north shore, the bigger and better the waves became - and the more surfers we saw.

The East side of O'ahu is beautiful lush green mountains

An amazing banyan tree near the Waikiki beach.

Waikiki Beach was lovely. We went out to a lovely little Japanese stand for supper. Amazing Asian food here.

Our Hawaiian dinner. There were two more dishes not shown - poi, which is a purple paste, which I do not recommend unless you have acquired a taste for it, and a kind of salmon ceviche. The beef and pork dishes were delicious.