Shipwreck Beach

This is Polihua Beach - it is at the end of the Garden of the Gods road. The beach looks lovely, but the wind was blowing 30 knots or more, and the sand was being driven into our skin like thousands of tiny bullets.

The trees are very different here. They are all windblown

The second road we drove down was to Shipwreck Beach. It is called that because an old freighter washed up on the reef years ago, and they never took it away. On the way, there are lots of old fisherman's shacks. 

A stack of rocks leads the way to the petroglyphs in the rocks. By the time we got to where the petroglyphs were (it's not far back) we had run out of daylight, and couldn't see them :( But you can look them up on the internet like we did:)

Some people decorate their gates to their property. I think Aodhan would like to live here:)

This is the evil scary forest. We walked on trails through the woods that take you to parts of the deserted town here. If they ever need to film a horror movie... The photos just don't do this place justice - it is really creepy in there...

Back out to the beach, but too dark to see the petroglyphs. But we tried walking inland to see them. We kind of got a little worried about being stuck out there overnight not being able to find our jeep in the dark woods. We know we were in the right place for the petroglyphs, and maybe even touched some without knowing it...