The reason we left Canada...

The reason we left Toronto, was because we need to renovate our house. Greg has been sending me photos of the progress. It is quite the endeavor - the whole main floor. It will not be recognizable when we go home. Now of course, Aodhan will not be happy when he gets home and sees the changes, but it will be much less for him to cope with than the anxiety of anticipating and watching the destruction.

Living Room as it was

With most of the furniture gone

With the hardwood torn up, and the doorway between the kitchen and living room gone. That doorway will become higher too, so it will be really open.

Living Room from the other direction

The kitchen as it was

The kitchen emptied of most of the stuff

The kitchen - beginning the destruction

The kitchen with the stuff all gone and the small rooms and closets opened up

Our makeshift kitchen in the basement

The flooring we are thinking of for the new space - it is bamboo. It will go throughout living room and kitchen, and probably the upstairs hallway as well.

The kitchen backsplash we are thinking of for the new space - not sure which colour though - I kind of like the blue - maybe that's because of the boat:)