Working on a Miracle

When this old world starts a getting me down 
And people are just too much for me to face 
I'll climb way up to the top of the stairs 
And all my cares just drift right into space 
On the roof, it's peaceful as can be 
And there the world below don't bother me, no, no 
                                                      Carole King/Gerry Goffin

Hey, just getting dressed. How is your morning?
Going to be tough - shower day
Oh no. Ok. Do your best
Right now just riding it out for a little while - letting him eat and come to terms with it all
Good idea
No TV, no outings until he showers
Your tenacity is amazing
It's a good thing that he has you as his mother :)
If Aodhan was destined to be created, then you had to be destined to be his mother. I don't think there is anyone else who could do it :)
Thanks - maybe all of my upbringing was preparation for him
Yike. Maybe...
Aodhan went to the roof to draw ... 2.5 hours ago
Well 5.5 hours outside without a peep. Just drawing and happy
At least he is content
But no shower. Not sure what to do, because he is going to come in desperate to go pee
Oh, well I guess you can try to shower him then
Ya, hard to make deals when he is desperate - better if he has hungry or bored
Wait and see - the suspense is killing me
Aodhan asked to come in, but decided to stay our rather than have a shower. A really good sign, he gave me the water glass he has been carrying all morning
Aodhan's sticking it out. I hope he likes sleeping in the roof with the dog, and eating the leftover chicken bones in her dish ....
At least he is not fighting
Ok, I've peed six times and Aodhan hasn't even asked once
He's got perseverance
Or he is peeing off the roof :)
He just came and told me he's really hungry and wants to come in or go somewhere. But he went back on the roof when I told him he had to earn it by showering. 
He said he wants to go swimming instead. I told him he lost that right after what happened at Tingo pool
Good luck. Hang in there :)
10 hours
He asked again - looks like he is relenting, but not yet
Aodhan is still on the roof 
10.5 hours
Still out there?
12 hours
At least is accepting it

After 12 hours without food, or drink, or a bathroom, Aodhan finally said he would have a shower. He asked if he could put his bathing suit on and pretend he was in a swimming pool. “Of course” I said. He said he wanted me to leave all his things alone. He said he wanted dinner before a shower. I told him I was done making deals and he could stay on the roof all night. He asked if he could have his dinner outside. 

He came in, and went straight to the bathroom. “I want to keep my sweater”. “No deals”. “I don’t want you to touch the stuff in my sweater pocket”. “No Deals, you can go back outside”. After 10 minutes of this kind of discussion, ending always with, “Then you can go back outside”. 

I quickly went through his backpack and sweater while he showered. I got rid of his left over bag of fishbones from the food he had taken to go from the restaurant at the beach, and some assorted scraps of garbage 

He finished his shower, changed clothes and let me serve him supper in the bowl I chose. He even let me heat it up. He took his pill with only a few complaints. I made him a virgin margarita with a slice of lime on the glass, and he watched TV and relaxed for the evening. He even washed his dishes after I turned off the TV and took his sketchbook and kissed him all over his face. 

Right now, Aodhan is lying on the floor and Alica is licking his face all over. 

Chachani 6057m - as seen from our rooftop - not a bad view if you are going to have to look at one thing all day:)

Misti 5822m as seen from our rooftop

Aodhan sitting by the steps outside our door

Aodhan in the hallway outside our door, drawing patiently

Aodhan drinking his Margarita

Misty as seen from the countryside outside Arequipa

Chachani as seen from the countryside outside Arequipa

Pichu Pichu 5669m - as seen from the countryside outside Arequipa. I can't see Pichu Pichu from my house because the mall is in the way.