Money Money

Money, it's a gas 
Grab that cash with both hands 
And make a stash 

Money, it's a hit 
Don't give me that 
Do goody good bullshit 

Money, so they say 
Is the root of all evil 
                                      Roger Waters

Yesenia e-mailed me. Of course my old landlord wants more money. I knew that. Here’s the conversation. We will see what happens when I return to Arequipa... 

Hi friend
Hope you enjoy a lot every place you will visit.
Emily the owner of the apartment called me yesterday she was very upset. She said the apartment is dirty, the walls need to be painted, change the blanket of the bed, the carpet is dirty too. She said that she took pictures and can send them to you. She said  somebody has to pay for all that. I said I didn't know that you planned not to get back 
She wanted me to tell you all this. Now you tell me what to do.
Bye , 
Yesenia, Arequipa Peru 

My email to Yesenia….

I told you I didn't trust her. I'll deal with this when I come back. DO NOT pay her any money, and do not tell her I am coming back.

These are false accusations. None of these things are true. I told you she would make things up. Tell her that I am not responding to you, but that you will keep trying to contact me. Tell her anything you want to. 

It is difficult enough traveling with Aodhan and all the problems he has without having this kind of added stress put upon me by a greedy woman. She should be ashamed of herself. I always wonder how a person like that can sit in church on Sunday in front of God. As well as making me change all my plans and not have a "home", she is now accusing me of things that I have not done. 

If the apartment is dirty, it is her fault. I asked her for a person to clean the apartment once or twice a week. It said on the paper in her apartment, that cleaning was 25 soles. She came and cleaned once, after the first week, because I kept asking her. She charged me 40 soles and I did not complain about it. I only had a 50 and she said she would get me change. She never did, and she never cleaned again, even though I kept asking. The cleaning job she did was very minimal, nothing was well cleaned, the chairs, bed, etc. still had piles of dirt under them after she finished. I would have fired my cleaner back home if they had done such a bad job. She took the carpet outside to hang over the wall and air out, and I never put it back. It was in my apartment for only the first week. She said nothing about it being dirty when she cleaned the apartment.

When I moved in, there were piles of dirt under the sofa and chairs and I cleaned it all the day before I left. There was food behind and under the stove, which I also cleaned. I cleaned this the day before I left. The only dirt on the walls was around the light switches. I washed around all the light switches the day I left. Aodhan doesn't really touch walls. He just sits in front of the TV drawing.  

I also asked her to clean the blanket as I could not wash it in such a tiny sink. I washed all my sheets, and my own thin blanket myself by hand. She never did wash it, and Aodhan had to use the same dirty blanket for a whole month. I wash his bedding every week at home. 

She saw the apartment many times, including the time that you and she came up for wine and snacks and we talked for a long time. She made no complaints then. Her husband was in the apartment the day I left because he wanted to get something - a stepladder I think. He made no comments about anything then. 

You were there many times. What do you think?

Dirty walls can be washed. Dirty carpets can be cleaned. Dirty blankets can be washed. 

Thanks so much

Do not worry
I know you and I am sure you did all that, don't think about that anymore, I am gonna say that you do not answer and I can't do anything , happily she doesnt know where I live. 
If she is saying all that is because she wanted more money, well you be tranquil,   and get fun with Ahodan. 
I am tranquil too because I know she is lying. 

Yesenia, Arequipa Peru 

I have included some lovely sunset photos I took just before I left Arequipa.