More Photos

My lovely steak dinner in the five star hotel. It was perfectly cooked and delicious.

Looking at the hotel pool from my window

The nice Parque Aquatica where Aodhan wouldn't swim. This is only one part of the park. there is a lazy river, wave pool, and several other pools.

Waiting in the park at the port for the ferry to Concordia. Aodhan is eating a can of kidney beans.

A fountain statue of a naked woman and a goat with glowing yellow eyes.

Aodhan finally let me take a photo of one of his drawings. This one is of snails.

Aodhan watching a giant interesting bug at the port.

A yerba mate cup - it is true, so many people here carry these around. Many seem to be leather or wooden on the outside, silver on the inside, with a silver straw with a filter. It is filled to the top with dried crumbled green herbs. They carry a big thermos of hot water around, and add a little to the cup and drink it. The one guy told me they start drinking it at about 8 years old, and that it is addictive. It is filled with caffeine.

Our ferry across to Argentina

The Argentinian welcoming committee - do we have any fish to declare they wanted to know...