Loki La Paz

On the day I went away... goodbye...
Was all I had to say... now I...
I want to come again and stay... Oh my my...
Smile, and that will mean that I may

Cause I've seen blue skies, through the tears
In my eyes
And I realise.. I'm going home.

Everywhere it's been the same... feeling...
Like I'm outside in the rain... wheeling...
Free, to try and find a game... dealing...
Cards for sorrow, cards for pain

Cause I've seen blue skies through the tears
In my eyes
And I realise.. I'm going home.

I'm going home, I'm going home.
                                               Richard O'Brien

Loki La Paz is a big old mansion that has been turned into a party hostel. You get an armband when you check in. They have a big bar that serves a lot of alcohol and some good food reasonably cheaply. No matter how drunk you are, you just show your armband and they will give you more alcohol; no need to mess around with confusing cash or visa transactions. People forget how much they order because they don’t get the bill until the end:) 

Aodhan loves it here. He sits in the bar drawing and people watching. People come and talk to him. He can order food whenever he wants and whatever he wants. He loves the wristband.  

We have been going out and seeing the sites. Some days, Aodhan just stays here while I go out shopping. It is such a big place and there is so much for him to explore. There is the TV room full of bean bag chairs, and the computer room. He is so happy here. 

On Tuesday morning, we went out to Mallessa and Aodhan went ATVing for the day. I went back into the city and did some shopping. They sent Aodhan back to the hostel in a taxi for me. He had a great day.

Wednesday was not such a good day for Aodhan. He is really having bathroom problems still and it makes him grumpy. He refused to change his clothes, and I had to leave him in the hostel all day while I went out. When I came back, he really wanted to go out, so he agreed to change. 

I bought Aodhan a little truck, on the promise that he would shower in the morning. Thursday morning, he took a shower with no hassle. When we went out, I bought him a bunch of little trucks, although, I told him most of them were for Christmas, and he couldn’t have them until then. He really started to verbally connect the events. He said that when he does the things I ask, I am happy, and when I am happy, I buy him stuff and take him places. I hope he remembers this breakthrough connection.

I can’t believe we leave tonight. I am so glad to be coming home. Overall, I think this South American trip has been invaluable to Aodhan. But, it has been hard on me, and I need a break. It has been great living at Loki. I wish I lived in something like this at home. Oh wait, I guess I kind of do, but I’m the kitchen staff at home:)


Lake Titicaca

La Paz

La Paz

La Paz

These cute little zebras are there to help you cross the street.

The streets of La Paz

Indian Dinner - butter chicken and Llamma Tikka

Our very simple room at Loki Hostel

Aodhan and I and Santa in front of San Francisco

Aodhan all dressed for ATVing

A demonstration march - these occur all the time


Outside my window last night

The main street past San Francisco

From the roof of San Francisco

One of the food markets

Colourful micro-buses

Aodhan sitting in the bar at Loki, drawing

Narrow streets of La Paz

San Francisco

The big Christmas tree outside San Francisco

Surprise - it's made from green plastic pop bottles

Aodhan and Bruno the hostel kitten

La Paz

La Paz

The concrete slide built on a hill at the children's playground at the top of the Mirador

Very European

Beautiful Park

You can almost see the mountains in the background - the fog is lifting

Looking south

Looking south you can see some of the weird spiky formations that make up the Valle de la Luna

On the bus on the way back to the hostel

Loki Hostel

From the roof of Loki Hostel


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