Coruña, Spain

So it looks like we are not leaving today! The waves are 4-5 metres high, so we are staying put. Jon is also trying to get the batteries to charge up properly which seems to be not an easy task. Glad Lisbon is only a couple of days away down the coast, and we will be able to get this sorted before heading out away from the coastline. 

But today. It is lovely, a little cool, but sunny with bright blue skies and green trees and a lovely historical walled city to explore. 

I walked over to the fort that is beside the marina and it is really something. I was not expecting the cistern, and the stone spiral staircase etc. Definitely worth my €2 for entry. 

Near the Military Museum, I found a little bar and saw two guys eating what looked like a delicious salmon steak and fries. I decided that it looked really good and ordered the same, but con ensalada, sin papas. Si, mi Castellano  es major! The salad was delicious, the salmon tasted like a slab of butter it was so tender and juicy and fresh. I had a bottle of agua con gas and a cappuccino and a churro. The total came to €8.50. I handed the guy a €20, sure I had heard wrong and he was actually saying €18 in the Galician dialect they speak in this area, but, no, he handed me back a €10 and some change. 

I spent the day in town, buying little gifts for people and little things to make my trip easier - like a blow up pillow. I really missed having a pillow on the way here. I guess I am getting soft in my old age, but I really seem to like having a pillow now. I found a little blow up one for €1.25 - so I bought two in case the first one springs a leak. It will be a tough slog to Lisbon. 

I finally found a mask that I am happy with. It is made by an Galician artist in the area. I forgot to take a picture, so you will just have to all come to my house and see it on my wall with the others. It has a little bit of a Picasso feel to it:).

It was a lovely day, filled with unexpected corners and interesting people. I was able to practice my Spanish and, although I have a long way to go when it comes to anything intricate, I can definitely handle a rough conversation again. I thought that I had lost it when I was in Peru last time. it really was that I had so much to deal with there, that my brain just couldn’t handle one more extra challenge. I would love to spend more time in Spain. When we stop next, it will be Portuguese and, well, all I can say is that I hope some of them can speak Spanish or English!

Adiós España, e Bom dia Portugal!

Beautiful little streets of the old city

La Playa (The beach)

I love these little fishing boats

Nice views of the marina

Stone circular staircase in the Fort

Underground cistern in the Fort

Glad to see the churches here aren't as bloody as their South American counterparts...

Ok, I don't usually take pictures of my food, and sorry the salad is gone - there was tons of lettuce, tomatoes and sweet onions. The salmon steak was so delicious.

Beautiful fountains and lovely old churches.

Yes, notice the road sign, this is a driving street - no right turn in front of the church, you have to go straight through - yes you will fit... just

Ok, this one is not a driving street (except in a James Bond car chase)

I personally find these door knockers a little creepy... But they seem to be popular here.

Blown away by a beautiful town

The coastguard training survival and rescue techniques, I hope I never need these guys, but good to know they are well trained. 


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