DAY 1 - Second Time Around...

There wasn't much we could do on Sunday, so I decided to rent one of the Yelo bikes and ride out to Chagnolet. It was a lovely ride. Ghisleaine wasn't at her hose, but I left he a poster of the port.

Ghislaine came out to the boat later in the evening and I showed her around it and we had a great evening together.

In the morning, Jon was able to get a new lightbulb and we were off. We slipped the lines at 10:40 and set a course for Mediera. 

The first couple of hours were uneventful, and I actually spent quite a bit of time lying down trying to acclimatize to the ocean. 

We have decided to split up the shifts in the standard four hour watches, and everyone takes the same watch each day. Jon wanted the 4 - 8 watch, so that he could watch the sunrise every morning and decide how the day was going to be. John wanted the 12 - 4 shift since he is not a morning person and I was happy about that, because 12 - 4 is not my favourite shift. 

We had some squeaking which we weren't sure was an alarm, but it is from the port engine - it squeaks a little. 

It is now 9am on Tuesday morning and I am on my second watch of the journey. It’s pretty cold. I have my foul weather jacket and pants on for the damp cold wind. 

Just as my 8pm watch started last night, my body finally let go and I upchucked the lovely chill John made for supper. I continued this throughout my entire four hour shift. I kept drinking water, and filling my logs and throwing up and adjusting course and cursing myself and wondering what in God’s  name had ever made me think that sailing across the ocean was a good idea … By 12am, I filled in my last log and smiled weakly at a cheerful John, and crawled into my bed. 

This morning, which of course came a little too soon, I have had an apple, and watched the dolphins swim off our bow for half an hour. They love to swim between the pontoons. Then, I threw up the apple. A tiny yellow bird joined us for a little while. Where does one of those come from? It must be a shore bird, and yet we are so far from shore. 

I am trying a Snickers bar right now to see if I can keep down some sugar and a little protein.

The road to Chagnolet

Our last sunset in La Rochelle

Our boat - (I mean just behind this one). Not taking this one across the harbour never mind across the ocean... poor little boat...


More dolphin pics:) Love the dolphins

Surviving! Not bad on helm, looking out at the horizon.

This little yellow bird joined us. We are way out there - how does he have the strength to fly all the way back to land - he does not look like a sea bird to me!