What Have I gotten Myself Into This Time??!!

So, what am I doing taking a life Jacket to Brussels. I mean, I know there are canals in Bruges, but maybe a $400 life jacket is overkill? Anyway, I’m only going to Brussels, and they buried their river long ago. The lifejacket is of course because I am going sailing again. I will be headed down to La Rochelle, France to get on a 44 foot Fountaine Pajot Catamaran (Sailboat) with two guys named John (yes I’m not making that up). We will sail out of the Bay of Biscay, down around Spain and Portugal and down the coast of Africa past Morocco, to the Canary Islands. We will stop and re-provision, and then head out across the Atlantic to the US Virgin Islands. Yep, that is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. From there, we climb out of the boat, glare at each other and mutter under our breath that if we ever see each other again it will be too soon, kiss the earth and swear we will never leave the safety of the solid ground beneath our feet again. Then we will climb back in our boat, toss in a few more fresh fruits and veggies and sail it up to Annapolis, Maryland. 

The whole trip is somewhere around 5-6000 nautical miles. Am I crazy? Well, I’m sure if you have read my other blogs that of course I am, Do I have the cojones for this trip? Dunno. Really who ever know until you just open your mouth wide and chomp down on a giant slice of life. Am I going to make it back? Oooohhhh, that’s what makes this so exiting!! No one knows!!! There are NO spoiler alerts available on this Action Series. We’ll all just have to wait and find out.

When I do get back, you’d think I would just want to hole up in some downtown patio bar with friends and some nice cold beverages. But no, of course not me. I will be dashing off to Chicago to take part in the Longest Fresh Water race, the SuperMac! (despite it’s name, this is not something produced by a fast food restaurant, but a fancy pantsy Yacht Race). We leave from Chicago, sail up Lake Michigan to Mackinac Island (thus the “Mac” part).Then, instead of stopping and going in and having some really great cold beverages like any sane people would, we will sail right past and all the way down Lake Huron and across the finish line!
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