Cabo Verde

We stopped at the Island of Sao Vincente in the city of Mindelo. Cabo Verde was colonized by the Portuguese because of it's convenient location for the slave trade. It gained it's independence in 1975. There are a lot of people here from Senegal, since it is the closest country. They speak Portuguese in school, but most people speak Kriolu, which is a dialect of Portuguese-based creole. It is quite poor and it is not uncommon to see people barefoot. 

I am glad the wind blew us down here. Not only does this give me one more county that I have visited, but now I can say that I have visited one more continent, so for me, it is a big deal! I think I really like it here, and it makes me want to visit mainland Africa more than ever. 

Beautiful Beach

New houses are constantly being built in the barrios

The Harbour
I don't think I have ever seen such a red building
Vegetable vendors outside the African Market

The bars and gambling street near the African Market

The fishermen gutting and salting fish outside the museum - it wasn't open though

Fishing boats all ready to go in the morning

Some of the buildings are not in such great shape

Small cobbled streets

The colours are amazing

These red trees - I wish one would grow outside my house

This is quite a purple and yellow building

Quiet streets