Azores to Gibraltar

In Europe in many places, people paint a piece of the pier. Matt painted this for Yanosha and our journey

The trip across from Azores to Gibraltar is about 1000 nautical miles, which takes about one week. The trip has been quite uneventful. The second day we saw a sperm whale - that was exciting. He was only about 15 or 20 feet away from the bow of out boat. Unfortunately he didn’t stay for long. We also saw some of the lovely little fat jumpy dolphins. 

We got more wind than we had expected, so we are making good time. Unfortunately now, the waves have gotten larger and are hitting our bow, so we actually have to slow down a bit so that we don’t slam the boat into them. 

A ship! How exciting!!!

We are doing out two hour watches and taking turns cooking and tidying up. There is still much of the day left over. On the ocean there is a lot of time to think. 

Travis catching a bonito

We had a little stow a way for a short distance:)

Another beautiful day

Sometimes the ocean looks like a watercolour painting

Getting busy outside the entrance to the Med 
Driving Yanosha

It is Friday night, and we are approaching the straits of Gibraltar. It is a little bit of a let down, because we can't really see much except lights. I would have liked to go through the straits in the daylight. We will see them in the daylight tomorrow, so all is not lost. 

The fog rolled in around Gibraltar, and the sky was lit an eerie orange colour. We could hear the muffled fog horns, and would suddenly have a giant ship appear beside us. It was all hands on deck and a full watch on all sides of the boat. But we made it in to the anchorage safely, and the fog cleared and we anchored at about 3:30 am. We had a few drinks to celebrate crossing the Atlantic, and then I went to sleep. the guys kept on celebrating:) 

In the morning we moved into the marina and Med-moored our Yanosha. 

Definitely getting busier now... eek!

Foredeck - "helloooo way back there on helm...."

Anchored outside of Gibraltar

I was unceremoniously tattooed ... I did survive the Bermuda Triangle

The Rock of Gibraltar