I have always heard of "The Rock of Gibraltar", and it has always been kind of a mysterious iconic place for me.

The Marina

We cleaned up the boat and went up to the bar for a drink and something to eat. There were two women at the next table and the boys started chatting them up. The one woman was very interested in Rowan, and she offered to drive us around Gibraltar. Sabrina was awesome. She took us up to the top of the rock. The roads going up are incredibly steep, narrow and many of them are two way roads. Before I had come to Gibraltar, I did not know that there were monkeys here. No one really knows how or why they are here, but they live in the wild on the rock. Sabrina said she couldn't let her dog Bella out of the car, because the monkeys would attack her. There really isn't a lot to Gibraltar, really just a big rock and one small city wrapped around it. We drove out to see the lighthouse and then to one of the beaches. This one has an old pier that you can dive off of, and we swam there. 

Monkeys on the old walls
The view North showing Spain

The view south showing the tip of Spain and Africa across the water

The old castle on top of the Rock 
The Gibraltar lighthouse

Sabrina and Rowan and Bella

Getting ready to go diving at the old pier

We went back and had supper and drank some more and then Rowan, Travis and I went off to the casino after party that Sabrina had invited us to. Rowan didn't come back to the boat that night. Travis and I walked back through all the little streets.

Small city streets

I got up early, and went and found a cute little pub for breakfast. Matt and I had lunch with Steph and her husband. Steph is a meteorologist that has been helping us with weather on this trip. It was great to meet her finally. They were so nice and dropped Matt and I at the grocery store so that we could do the final provisioning. 

We leave in the morning for our final leg of this journey. 

The original city walls 
This place has been here a long time - the put dates on some of the structures.