Sunday, August 11, 2015

We came into Azores in the afternoon and cleared customs. We tidied the boat and went off to Peter’s Bar. 

Monday, August 12, 2015

The next morning, I went off to visit the dentist that was recommended. He was really nice. He couldn't fix it completely, he says I will need a full root canal that will have to be done when I get home. But he prescribed some kickass antibiotics and pain killers. 

We cleaned up the outside of the boat and then went out to the bar. Horta is quite a lovely little town. That night, the wind picked up. I helped a boat come in to dock at about 5am. On Tuesday, there was about 20 - 40 knots of wind.

Tuesday, August 13, 2015

We went out for breakfast and then we cleaned the boat on the inside. I helped a couple of the boats that were bouncing off the break wall find more fenders. The first one was the boat I helped come in last night. It was two older English gentlemen. There was a big red catamaran that came in from Brest, headed to Sint Maarten. He was bursting all of his inflatable fenders. I found him an old big pink flattened on in a garbage, and we found some old car tires to put between him and the dock. I came back late and noticed his fenders were all slipping above the dock and got the guard and woke him and helped him fix his fenders. I had to wake the British guys too, because a couple of their fenders had cut through the lines and were about to float away. Even so, by Wednesday morning, the big red cat he had some pretty big scrapes across his hull. 

We finished up the little boat jobs on Wednesday morning and Matt is busy working on his dock painting. We are trying to rent a car to go around the island, but it is not looking promising and there are no buses that go out to the volcanic part. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2015

On Wednesday evening, I met up with a German solo sailor that I have been talking to in the marina common room. Her name is Susana. She said she was going out to dinner with her new dock mates. It turned out to be David and Alistair, the two English gentlemen that I helped come in at 5am the other night! We all went out to dinner at the castle (there is a lovely restaurant and hotel inside). I tried octopus. It is the specialty of the island apparently. It was pretty good as far as that goes. David paid for the whole meal as his treat.

Thursday, August 15, 2015

The ned day, I tagged along with David and Alistair to the top of the caldera, and walked around it’s rim. We came back, and I met up with Travis and we went whale watching. In the evening I went out to a lovely little restaurant with the crew. 

Friday, August 16, 2015

We are probably leaving tomorrow, so we will mostly be doing boat chores and provisioning today. I went on a couple of errands. It is always frustrating in a small, laid back place when you want to do a few things in a hurry. Everyone takes so darn long at things, and so many things are set up in round about ways. For instance, the post office sells books, greeting cards, CD’s, etc, and has a giant wall display about post cards, but does not sell post cards. No stores around the post office sell post cards either. Tick, tick, tick… And of course, then I stand in the line in the post office for a while, writing my post card, until I finally notice that everyone has little numbers from a cleverly hidden “take a number machine” behind the door…. darn.

People are being very indeterminate about what they want to do tonight, so I think I am on my own. I said I would waif for people, but I think I am done waiting:)