Palma de Mallorca, Spain

As we pulled near to the Mallorca coast, the boys pulled out the gin and we had a toast. After we were docked, checked in, and the boat was cleaned, we had another toast…and another…and another. Matt was proud to show me around his lovely city, stopping for more drinks along the way. I decided that I had consumed enough alcohol for the night, maybe for the week, and I decided it was time to head back to the boat to sleep around midnight. Rowan dragged himself in around 4am, with an inebriated exuberance to wake me up to talk about life the universe and everything. I was so excited. He poured an entire glass of Navy rum and hardly spilled any while he waxed prophetic, gesticulating with glass in hand. I finally managed to get him to go to bed. 

In the morning I went up and had a lovely little breakfast in the restaurant at the end of the pier. Matt joined me, and told me that he had ended up at some point, in his unfurnished apartment sleeping on some blankets in a corner. 

Travis  didn’t make it back until around noon. He ended up sleeping on a park bench until three police officers informed him that it was not a good decision. He argued the point for a while. Apparently the conversation went something like this. “What are you doing here?” “Fuckin’ sleepin’, what does it look like”, “You can’t sleep here.” “Well, I’m fucking trying but you guys are making too much fucking noise, if you guys would just piss off I could.” “Why are you here?” “Cause I’m fucked up drunk, why the fuck do you think?” and so on. I guess he’s just lucky they didn’t transport him to a nice place he could sleep for a few months!

I walked around with Matt for some of the day, and by myself for the rest of the day. I had a great time. I thought of taking one of the tours of the city, or going and seeing an art gallery, or museum, but I am just tired and want to get home. I also just like wandering around and getting to know a place. I stayed out until about 10pm, and then went back and decided to have Indian food for supper. It was great, and just what I wanted. I slipped off to bed, and set the alarm for 6:30am.

Rowan came in about 6am, and didn’t wake me to talk this time. I had to get up to go to the airport anyway. Once I was showered and dressed, and my luggage was outside, I said goodbye to Rowan and gave him a hug. 

I was kind of sad that Travis wasn't there. I had said goodbye to Matt yesterday, but Travis hadn't been around. As I started to walk away, I glanced back at the boat, one last look at the adventures of the last month. And then I spotted him. Travis, sitting at the end of the pier, in a green metal lawn chair. I put my bags down and walked over. I shook him, and his head lolled over to the other side. Was he dead? I looked in his glazed eyes. Dead drunk. I shook him harder, Travis, come on, you can’t sleep on the pier. You need to go back to the boat. His eyes registered a fractional understanding. “You can have my cabin, I’m leaving for the airplane now”. I dragged him to his feet and he stumbled and I held him up. He tottered towards the boat. Maybe this was a dumb idea. I wondered if the water was cold enough that when he missed the boat and fell in, that it would shock him sober enough. But too late now, he was staring at the stanchions, trying to steady his gaze enough so he could see which one of the spinning bars to grab. He made it to the boat, kicked off his flip flops, almost fell as he climbed into the cockpit, well, did fall, but managed to grab the table. I turned Travis around at the bottom of the stairs and pointed to my cabin. There I said, you can sleep in here now. Travis looked at me with a wide drunken leer. Rreealy?? He spluttered, nodding his head and reaching out for me with the cat got the mouse look. “Ok baby” he continued, with his best drunken James Bond impression. I pushed him towards the bed. “Just lie down, there you go, slide up, no that’s down, up on the bed more”. I could hear his giggles and see the thoughts rush though his mind about the sexual act that couldn’t have happened in his state even if that was what was on my mind. I gave him a hug, and said goodbye, and to take care, he’s a good guy.