Isle Lake, Myanmar

It looks like I didn't get this blog posted, so please forgive me, it is a little out of order and should come between Mandalay and Bangkok.

We had a horrid bus ride from Mandalay to Inle lake. It was the best bus there was, and it was a really nice bus with leather seats and touchscreen video screens like an airplane. I think it's just cultural differences and expectations. We trued to watch a movie, but an hour in, they stopped at a rest stop and told us we us all had to get off the bus. Greg and I managed to stay on by saying we wanted to sleep, as did a couple of other passengers.

The boat channel at Inle Lake

Fisherman on Inle Lake

Stilt houses on the lake

There are entire villages that are all only accessible by boat

We stopped on ou r boat trip  at the local market. It shifts around the lake each day of the week it is in a different spot.

The parking lot at the local market
I bought some fruit of of this couple - we just handed the money down and they handed the fruit up:)

Indien Village

I loved this little elephant - he is about 500 years old

Some of the pagodas here are very old and some are crumbling to ruins with trees growing on and about them. 

This little Buddha is just sitting in a pile of the disintegrating brick

This is the new section with the new pagodas. They are still building in the same spot for the past 500 or more years!

This family was so pleased to look at photos of themselves. I really wish there was a way to send them a copy, but the don't have e-mail or mailing addresses.

These are gardens

On Inle Lake, the fishermen use one foot to propel the paddle through the water.