Mandalay, Myanmar

We drove to a look out on the top of the hill. This beautiful little temple was on the way up.
This is the beautiful temple on the top of the hill
Ogre statues are everywhere here
Temple at the top of the hill
Rows and rows of stupas
There are so many of these and each one contains a tablet inscribed with a chapter of a story. The story is the teachings of Buddha, It has been called the Largest book in the world.
This is the first full wooden historical temples we have seen.
 The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace Complex
We took a boat out to the island
There were only horses and carriages out there
Interesting streets and houses
Beautiful Stupa across the lake
The little monk novices at school
World's longest teak bridge

All the boats ready to take people out for sunset at the teak bridge
Sunset at the bridge
Men cooking asphalt at the side of the road - how many safety violations can you count?
This was the world's second tallest rail bridge for many years
We sat on the wall beside the tracks to watch the train
The waterfall outside the Sacred Cave
Inside the sacred cave - it is filled with Buddhas and even whole scenes complete with artificial trees. There is also a giant gold plated stupa in one of the larger chambers.
There was a very long row of doors
And behind the long row of doors there was a very long row of Buddha's