We took the ferry over to Boracay on Friday evening. It is really quite easy. Now, of course, our driver dropped us off, but you can take a bus to the port too. Then you have to stand at three windows, and get a ferry ticket, and pay a terminal fee and an environmental fee. Then you walk out on the pier and they point you to a Palm boat. The ride over is about 15 minutes. 

Nida and I got up at 5:30 in the morning, and walked all the way to the north end of the beach. We came back and had breakfast, and then I went out and explored the main street. At 6pm, we went swimming. 

On January 8th, Nida arranged for me to scuba dive. Amazing. We went to “The garden”. There was a lot of beginner divers, and the visibility was only so so, and there was not a big diversity, mainly a lot of small fish. The dive shop and their staff were fantastic, and I had a really great time though.

Yes, it was this blue - no colour correction

The photos do not do it justice. White sand and turquoise water.


Lots of these

Lovely condos for rent or sale

Condos - about $100/night

But up in the hills, not down by the beach

Castle decorated front hall of condo/hotel

All of their boats have outriggers

Very lively nightlife - don't get fooled by the 2 for 1 drink deals - they charge 2x as much!

The cave at the north end of the beach

Just lovely

Like a backdrop

Boracay main road

Boracay wet market

Lobsters on the beach

Condos again