Nida invited me to the Philippines. I can’t thank her enough. The house is amazing. Her family is lovely. The put three large buffet meals out every day. I am going to get fat here. Basically I am hanging out at the farm, relaxing and eating papayas and all the other fruit that grows around the house. Nida and her family took me in, and treated me like a member of the family. They made me feel comfortable and cared for. I would love to tell all of you about each one of Nida’s relatives, but I want to respect their privacy. I will tell you that they are a family of lawyers, so I wouldn't want to get into an argument with any of them - they are smart and used to arguing in court, so I think they would win. Luckily, I didn't get into an argument with any of them, because they were all amazing. Bong was such a great guy and his mom and dad deserve a medal for working so hard. 

The house is huge and has more than 15 bedrooms & bathrooms and two kitchens. It is surrounded by fruit trees and other farms and chickens and goats. It was lovely and mostly quiet and I didn't strangle the rooster that crowed under my window every night at 4am. 

I hope some of them come to visit me someday!

Thank you Nida for inviting me. 

Tiny papaya tree with lots of fruit!

Masangcay Farms

The "Farmhouse"



On the way to Caticlan

Nida and I

Beautiful waterfall on the way to Caticlan

View from the top of the falls

Very old church

And we found snails!!! I thought they were African!

Picking Papayas

More Papayas

Having my teeth cleaned

The little chicken family

Bananas off their tree!