The plane lifted off, it’s wings outstretched and it’s wingtips sweeping upward like the fingers of a well trained Cambodian dancer. I curl into my cozy seat, as my lovely aero dancer leaps across the Atlantic Ocean, in a graceful arc above the frozen northern landscape. 

I have a 4 hour stop over in Vienna. I grabbed my bag, ran down to the train, and flew into town on the 15 minute city express. I walked around Vienna for a couple of hours, with a sparsely labelled tourist map, and no real idea of where I would go. I neglected to bring any Euros with me, despite the fact that I am quite sure there are quite a few in our overflowing Foreign cash basket. This is where an hour or two of planning would have come in handy. It was only about 10c out, and I only had a thin sweater, and a thin long sleeve blouse and an unlined rain jacket - all perfectly suited for a tropical climate. I forgot that I had a lovely cotton scarf in my pack that would have certainly made me warmer. I could see the steeple of the big cool looking church up a small lane. It was getting late and I was getting colder. I looked at it. It was close. I squeezed my fingers into my palms, trying to warm them. I looked at the time. I was getting antsy about the time. I turned and headed back to the train. Considering the fact that I wasn't even going to leave the airport, I think I did alright. My only regret, is that I didn't have any Euros to buy a delicious smelling Vienna sausage off of a street gazebo. 


Kathy Kamaras said…
Thank you for your wonderful photos of Vienna. It makes my yearning to go back even stronger. Other than the fact that you were probably hungry I don't think you missed much by not having the Vienna sausage. I can say that the Viennese sausages that I tried were not at all what I was expecting and I was rather disappointed. I had asked for debreceni, a Hungarian sausage, and what I got looked like a plain veal sausage. It was nothing special. The sights, on the other hand, were breathtakingly beautiful though. Perhaps one day you will get to go back and you will make to that church and check it out from the inside.