My 37.5 hour day - a full work week in 24 hours

Time keeps on ticking ticking ticking, into the future…

I left Hong Kong this morning and flew all day, and landed before I took off… Never mind jet lag, this is real time travel!

What a blast! 18 hours in San Fran! Land at 6am, take off at midnight. I met a really nice young man who wasn't going to really do much with his time. His flight had been changed because his business trip was cancelled because of the weather. Turns out he is a sailor! We took a chance at heading down to the docks to see if there were any last minute tickets to Alcatraz, but it turns out that it is pretty impossible unless you book weeks, or even months in advance! What a change over the years - from people spending years trying to get off the island! We checked out the Alcatraz displays and went to the market and then spent the rest of the day walking around the city and had a blast. 

A man in a line up in Hong Kong had suggested Tommy’s Joynt in San Francisco, so we headed over there for lunch. I wasn't really hungry, but after seeing my friend’s sandwich, I know where I am coming for supper! You know, it is really worth it to talk to people in line ups. Fantastic food, fantastic price. Highly recommend it if you are in the city.

My friend had to head back to the airport, and I headed over to Chinatown to see the Chinese New Years festivities! Even the Apple store was closing early for the parade. Apparently it is the biggest Chinese New Years parade outside of China! I was lucky enough to happen upon a group getting ready to join up with the parade, and got a really close up look at some of their fabulous costumes. 

I went down to the main street, and was lucky again to find a tiny crevice in the crowd and had a front row spot just as the parade started. It was fabulous. Again, a high recommendation to anyone who wants to go see it, it is well worth it. 

At around 8pm, I headed over to Tommy’s Joynt, and grabbed takeout. My next flight is local - San Francisco to NYC, so I doubt there will be much food served, and even if there was going to be, it wouldn't be as good as this.  

Once I reach New York, I will have fully circumnavigated the globe this trip. Toronto, Vienna, Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York, Toronto. All the way around (with a few side trips in between of course)!

Flying into the city

Apparently this building is falling down even before they have finished building it...

I have to admit, the last thing I expected after returning from the Chinese New Years celebrations in China...

Apparently, this is the biggest Chinese New Years parade outside of China!

The Lion Dance

Tommy's Joint - fantastic sandwiches... just great - and big and inexpensive too!

Beautiful - outside of the museum

Such an interesting costume