Finally, some nice relaxing Caribbean island hopping with some great friends. Last year, we helped bring an Oyster55 back from Bermuda and had a great trip. We were so lucky, they were going to be cruising in the Caribbean after the RORC600, and offered to meet us in Antigua to sail around a few beautiful islands with them. 

The boat, did not share our interest in completing such a journey. It seemed like every time we set out, or, attempted to set out, a new problem came up. I felt awful for Larry and Diane. Each problem was going to cost to fix. And, of course, Greg and I could just go ff and enjoy ourselves, while they were stuck in a costly port, waiting for a repairman to show up with expensive new parts to install. Yikes. 

We did have a fantastic time. We explored St Barts, St, Martin and Sint Maarten, and we even flew to Saba before heading back to the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Larry and Diane have to be the best people in the world to sail with. Diane is an amazing cook and I think Greg and I gained five pounds eating her delicious food. They are always easy to get along with. Even with all of the boat problems that must have tried their patience beyond belief, they still managed to make us feel special.

So thank you Larry and Diane. You were fantastic, and the trip on your boat was unforgettable and wonderful. A toast to both of you (with a glass of ice tea of course)!!

Escapade coming into the Sint Maarten Harbour under the lift bridge

The "Steve Jobs Family" boat

Larry and Greg looking at how the sails are set

I wish we had this weather for the race!

A little dolphin and their mom, diving together off our port side

Diane is more than a pretty face on the boat.

This was not the best day, and no, this shot was not taken in black and white - this is full colour!

But after the storm, there was a beautiful rainbow and the colour returned