RORC 600 Race on Hermes

Hermes - with her brand new spectacular graphics by Forge Media & Design in Toronto

Heading into dock in English Harbour

Driving off Antigua 
Greg driving

Our team. I always get to stand in front because I am so important... or maybe because I'm short? 
Greg is a fantastic navigator. Making it across oceans is one thing, but weaving an intricate pattern around reefy rocky islands in a race, requires top notch navigational skills.

Average wind speed was 5 knots. Not your typical RORC 600.

At the start line

Our fantastic gear, also designed by Forge Media and Design in Toronto

There was more wind sometimes

Flying spinnaker - see, I can do more than drive

Greg and I go on a yacht race for our romantic Caribbean vacation ... with 6 other people and non-synchronized shifts:)

The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed, if not for the courage of the fearless crew...

Fantastic sailors - very proud of being on a boat with such good female sailors.

Downstairs during a race... time to fold another spinnaker, where's the gravol....

What other sport gives you views like this?

Great sailing with our big blue spinnaker sunshade up.  
Our strong boys

Grind Megan, grind!

Finally some wind!

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, slowly fly the kite, one yacht following another, laden with happiness and tears

Docked at Antigua Yacht Club