While Escapade was waiting for service in Sint Maarten, Greg and I decided to take the 15 minute flight over to Saba, and land on the shortest runway in the world. This was not an over rated experience, and I was glad, as I stared over the shoulder of the pilot, no seriously, over his shoulder through the open cockpit door, and I was in the front seat two feet behind him, anyway, I was really glad that he seemed to really know what he was doing, because that was one short landing. 

We took a taxi up to Bottom, don't even go there, I think they named it that so that people could make jokes, and then up to Windward side. For breakfast, we went to Bizzy B’s and we ate some delicious BLT croissants and wonderful European coffee, remember we are in Europe - officially in the Netherlands. Then we were picked up by Saba Divers, and went down to the dive shop and go on our gear. We could get two dives in before the end of the day. We ended up diving both in the turtle garden which was fabulous. I will highly recommend Saba Divers if you have the chance to go diving in Saba. They impressed me with their attention to safety and knowledge. 

One of our dive guides was our Airbnb host, and he drove us back to his house. It was simple, but comfortable and quite inexpensive compared to the surrounding options.

We went out for a delicious dinner at Chez Bubba - and I definitely recommend eating here. 

Greg disappeared that night. I mean, literally he disappeared. I wasn't feeling well, and Greg owed our host a drink for driving him back down to get his things that he left at the dive place. Anyway, he said he would go out and buy him a drink and be back in a few minutes. That was at 8pm. We had no internet, so no communication. At midnight, I really began to be concerned. I walked down to the Long Haul, where he said he was going. It was closed. I could hear people inside cleaning up, so I knocked and asked them. They said they had been closed for an hour. They let me have wifi, and I texted Greg. It turns out, that he had been having a great time hanging out with the dive group and had headed off to another bar! All’s well that ends well they say, but wow that was scary having someone disappear. 

The next day, we climbed up to the top off the mountain with a wonderful guide, and had lunch in the highest spot in the Netherlands!

We had some drinks and pizza the next day at the Long Haul restaurant, and we are starting to feel like it is impossible to get bad or even mediocre food here…

In the sky a rainbow is a full circle. This is the best one I have ever seen on the way to Saba

First views of Saba with her rocky cliffs

Landing on the shortest runway

Need one of these

Coffee at Bizzy B's

Beautiful coral gardens

So colourful

Greg and I diving together

The most beautiful turtles I have seen anywhere

Such an array of different corals

Did I mention the beautiful turtles?

Climbing the mountain

Luckily, some nice people carried rocks up the mountain and made steps for us to walk up.

Eating lunch on top of the mountain. Too many clouds to see down though... LOL

Looking down the mountain

All the lovely Windward Side houses