Really interesting statures in the Jade Buddha Temple
Bargaining with the ocean...Jade Buddha Temple

Was this what I was expecting China to look like? This small street scene was near Jade Buddha Temple

The ultra modern Shanghai skyline

View of the Pearl Tower from the Rooftop patio at Flair Nightclub

Columns at Jing'an Temple

Bright gold and red colours inside the Jing'an Temple

Beautiful doorways at Jung'an Temple

Jing'an Temple with the Pudong Skyline in the background

Room of five Buddhas in Jing'an Temple

Beautiful carvings at Jung'an Temple

I love climates where you can have outdoor escalators. This one is near Jing'an Temple

These little corners are such a contrast to the vibrant modern city

Drying tea leaves at Jade Buddha Temple

Renovation and Reconstruction efforts at Jade Buddha Temple. China is really taking pride in it's long colourful history.

They wouldn't let anyone photograph the Jade Buddha, but this reclining Buddha statue was lovely.

Meals offered at McDonalds in Shanghai. I didn't try them, so I can't comment on how a double hamburger with double sausages tastes...

This was my little Airbnb street. It was lovely and I highly recommend it, as long as you are ok with a dorm style room. the owner is a lawyer and very nice.

The view from my rooftop patio at my Airbnb. The two apartment towers with the pink and blue balconies are where the Jiangsu Road Metro station is.

When I arrived, my host invited me to join them, since they had ordered pizza. This one has a fairly standard Shanghai topping of canned fruit, complete with a cherry:)