St Barts

We arrived in St Barts, the little Europe for the rich and famous in the Caribbean, only to find out that we had landed on Carnival weekend. There was a small parade the first night we arrived, and the big fabulous parade the second day! 

After exploring the fancy shops, and oohing and awing at the specialty grocery store selection of gourmet food from around the world, we found a restaurant with a beautiful garden patio to have dinner in our first night. 

In the morning we woke to a very irate man in a dinghy, incensed that we would just assume that an unmarked mooring ball was public - ooooh the audacity, to assume a white mooring ball with a blue stripe, just like all the other ones in the harbour, was ok to moor on. I guess the owner of that ball was such a big shot that we should have seen his personal glow coming off of the ball. But anyway, we moved. 

We went for a drive around St Barts to several of the fantastic look outs. Actually, I think we just about saw every square metre of the island:) 

We missed the day parade, and were a little disappointed, but we knew that it was a trade off of seeing the island or seeing the parade that day. However, when we got back in town, we found out that Carnival parades don’t end that easily in St Barts - people just keep parading into the evening, they just drink large quantities of alcohol while they parade! We wove our way through the parade route and had fantastic time. 

After the parade, we went up to Bonito, one of the nicest restaurants on St Barts, and had a lovely supper overlooking the harbour.

Overlooking the St Barts airport. You have to dive down over a cliff, and then stop before the azure lagoon.

Smooth concrete roads - how utterly civilized

Litte red and white houses overlooking a lagoon

I knew the story about this valley when I was there, I know there was a story...

La Saline - the salt flats

Not quite as big as in Bolivia, but still so cool to see salt flats on a Caribbean Island

Beautiful dead trees near La Saline

The walk to the beach at La Saline - it was well worth it

Trump made it into the Carnival Parade

Loved this costume - like a horse with antlers? 

Dancers in the Carnival Parade

Greg got into the spirit with a toga and orange feathers! Ok, he stood still while we dressed him up

Larry and Diane and Greg in the garden restaurant

Cobblestone streets downtown

Old church

Beautiful bay filled with sailboats

Rocky beach that was so beautiful